Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bill's OK

All is well here. Bill is fine. No problems of any kind. Hooray! (Except having 60-some essay exams to grade.)

I'm quite sad today, though. But only because a bunch of freaky things happened in the last 48 hours, none of which had to do with Bill.

Somewhere in my past, I guess I must have jumped into a time machine that wasn't working properly, and have accidentally ended up in a science fiction novel, scrambling over the ruins of a dystopian civilization, in an effort to evade a variety of scientifically postulated but highly improbable laws of nature.

This too shall pass.

And I have no idea where the commas go in "This too shall pass."

See you next Sunday.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bill's Great! Plus: World's Weirdest 2-Min Video

Bill feels great, looks great, is great. He hasn't had any weird symptoms this week, and his Gators won the football game yesterday, while he ate home-made tacos and brownies.

He went off to church this morning wearing an orange and blue striped tie.

I said, "Why you wearin' that tie?"

He said, "Gators beat Tennessee."

I said, "Oh, you're celebrating?"

He said, "No, I want to rub it in for the Tennessee fans."

I said, "At CHURCH? Wow. Seems to me if you were really a Christian, you'd wear a Tennessee tie to commiserate."

He said, "Tennessee people don't wear ties."

No, he didn't really say that last line. I think he said something like, "Well if YOU were really a Christian, you'd be coming to church WITH me to give all the Tennessee people kleenexes once they see my tie."

Subject change: I'm writing on here every Sunday now, in case anyone wants to check. I said I was going to, then I forgot, then I remembered, then forgot, etc. But now I really am. Probably.

And for your dose of humor today, here's a Youtube video you can click on. It is completely clean, inoffensive on every level, just pure funny and BIZARRE. And it even has a little religion in it, if you look at one of the pictures on the back wall. I think these two people are Irish, though the song is in Spanish and has Russian subtitles, for the ecumenically-minded among you.

Also? Pray for Bill, because I want to learn to do what these people in the video are doing.


Click this link to watch the youtube video right now.

Till next week!

God is love.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Better News About Bill...whew!

This morning Bill feels a little better. He is still going to teach his classes today. But he doesn't feel exactly right.

His abdominal pain continues. It's still that mix of nausea and--well, last time he said it felt like he swallowed broken glass--now he says it feels like he drank lye.

He shouldn't know what either ONE of those two things feels like. But he walks away when I ask him too many questions (meaning more than one question), so that's all I could get for you.

He can eat, though. So that's good.

Except for WHAT he eats.

(Shhhhhh. I didn't tell you this: he bought some SPAM! What???????????)

Gee, I wonder what could be making his stomach feel like he ate poison? (Isn't Spam made out of recycled car parts?)

But we did have a really good thing happen this week! A SRTTW! (Spectacular Return to the World) when Bill finally felt the all-clear for going to a little mid-week party moment with six of our pals.

We pretty much spent the whole evening laughing, then trying to eat Italian food in between laughing, then doing the Heimlich maneuver on each other while laughing, then laughing some more, then trying to drive home while laughing, getting home laughing, brushing teeth laughing, going to sleep laughing. Other than that, it was a somber occasion.

As for the dog photo in the previous post--that was unrelated to anything about Bill, and had to do with me not knowing how to post pictures on Twitter.

See, our dog Midey Mulligan the Boston Terrier has his own Twitter page in which he writes about his daily life--playing with crickets till they fall asleep, and telling about all the naughty things his evil brother Jack the Poodle does, such as digging up fish that were intended to be garden fertilizer, then biting their heads off (as seen in photo) then throwing up on quilts for the rest of the day to the delight of Mom (me).

If you're desperate for humor, and I mean HURTIN for it, you can see Midey's daily posts at

Love to you all for caring!


Pardon the Interruption with an Unrelated Dog Photo

I'll explain this photo in a minute.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oops. Missed Posting Sunday. Will Post on Monday!

Billy Boy was ill today.

Big frown!

I'll post in detail tomorrow.

Nothing where we had to go to a hospital, but in the gray zone--meaning I think he should be seen, but he doesn't.

Will post in the morning. Sorry to be late. THANK YOU for checking and lovin' our boy!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Billy, Bedbugs, and Bowling

So I'm posting every Sunday now. Even though there's not much drama. But this way, if some drama WERE to drift through, you would know about it by the following Sunday.

We missed Hurricane Earl this week. It passed by North Carolina and headed up toward New York. With all that wind, I was hoping it might help New York by blowing all the bed bugs out of there.

But I guess that's not a very polite thing to wish on the Canadians.

Canadian Mom: "Mon Dieu! Qu'est que ce all deez leetle teeny creetures dat just blew in and can lives for a year wizout food?"

Canadian's son: "They're from New York. They're called supermodels."

But anyway, Bill taught a whole week of classes with no apparatus breakages. He was so happy.

On Friday afternoon, we suddenly got the idea to go bowling at a real bowling alley in Boone. (I have to specify "real" bowling alley because so many of you may have Wii "pretend" bowling in your living rooms, where you throw an imaginary ball at imaginary pins on the TV screen, and when your ball repeatedly lands in the imaginary gutter, you yell out imaginary cuss words.)

Bill and I were absolutely HORRIBLE bowlers. In fact, I was so bad that my ball once actually went into the gutter of the lane NEXT to ours.

Not only were we bad, but we both blew out our kneecaps playing only one game.

Anyone reading this who has a need to engage in a sports-related activity that will make you feel vastly superior to your fellow human beings (me and Bill), consider meeting us at the bowling alley next Friday at 3. That's when the place is almost empty.

Well, call us first to make sure our kneecaps are working by then.

Love to all,

Diamond Lilly and Wild Mister Billy

Post Coming Later Today

It's Sunday! So I'll be posting something by the end of the day!

Thanks for checkin in, podnuh!