Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Every Which Way

As a young friend of mine pointed out recently, it is highly amusing to consider that we spend a whole day being thankful for what we DO have, and the very next day, we stampede stores at dawn so we can buy all the things we DON'T have.

But aw, what the heck. It's cute. As long as it's not ME who is in any line anywhere any time before 10 a.m. rather than lounging around at home, putting off important tasks while sipping on my mason jar of coffee.

Bill and I just wanted to say that on this day we are thankful for: (Interruption)

Bet you thought we'd go one of several routes right there. GUESS.

Bill and I just wanted to say that:

(A) on this day we are thankful for doctors and smiling nurses;

(B) on this day we are thankful for starting the 4th year of stayin' alive;

(C) on this day we are thankful for being almost in remission;

(D) on this day we are thankful for chemo being over;

(E) on this day we are thankful for 1/3 of our children being with us;

(F) on this day we are thankful that the other 2/3 stayed away if they can't act nice JUST KIDDIN;

(G) on this day we are thankful for, okay, list is getting too long, let's get to the end of our guessing game....thankful for hedgehogs, parmesan cheese, conestogas, the word "gubernatorial," penguins, wasabi almonds, cute puppies,  manhole covers (EXTRA thanks for those!), ladders, spare tires, and those little gadgets that break the glass if your car goes underwater.

If you picked (G) you were correct. But you were also correct if you picked any or all of the other ones, but you FAILED THE TEST COMPLETELY if you didn't notice that one blessing was missing: chihuahuas dressed up like Paris Hilton.

No. Seriously, now. One blessing was missing: you.

You are what we are thankful for today with every heartbeat, every breath, every laugh, every, okay, glass of bubbly, every bite of turkey, and every smile.

YOU are the best friends we have ever had in our entire lives, and THANK YOU for the joy you carry with you wherever you go, most especially into our little corner.

Happy Thanksgiving. We love you.

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