Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cowboy Going to Oncology Evaluation This Morning

After hemming and hawing about hospital or not, after Bill's fever finally reached hospital level, it suddenly went down to the mid 100s, (For you believers, I had just laid my hands on him and prayed and during that minute, his temperature dropped by a whole point, not a tenth of a point! For you atheists whom we love equally, it was just a post hoc ergo propter hoc mirage, but we liked it!) so he decided not to go last night. Yes, we said our thank you prayers!

So last night I called the chemo clinic (which is not 24 hours--open only business hours) and left a message for their UBER-COMPETENT Head Nurse, Paul. He's the best! He called back before they even opened this morning,  at 7:45 a.m. (I had phone by my bed in hopes he would call) and said, "Get him in here!"

What relief I feel, and Bill does, too. He will be seen! Paul suspected that my "google diagnosis" was correct--febrile neutropenia--where all the white blood cells disappear and a fever arises and potentially sepsis aka blood poisoning, and it is very dangerous. My reading says 4 days of antibiotics by IV, until the white cells return, but maybe he can just get drips at the clinic and avoid the drama of a hospital. We're getting ready to go, as soon--as he stops the dry heaves. (It's a laugh a minute over here.)

I'll update. I love you all, and I'm holding your hands, and Bill would be too, if he thought of it.

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