Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cowboy's Mystery Fever & Caregiver Whack Attack!

Wow, how to keep this short. Ummmmmmmmmmmm.

First, delete the above sentence. Then delete these two sentences.

Okay, today was scheduled for chemo, but when we got there, things were weird. First, our oncologist has gone in the fashion direction of a POLE DANCER, in that she has suddenly dyed her dark brown hair platinum white (which failed and yielded orange hair), gotten a sexy tattoo on her breast, which IS revealed by her low-cut clothes, AND today she was wearing (I'm not making this up) 5 inch stiletto heels upon shoes that were SEVERELY RUBY RED and FRIGHTENINGLY SHINY and did not match her outfit at all. We are wondering if she's been sniffing the chemo.

But! She agreed with us on all points today, so I actually kind of liked her. The way one likes the aesthetics of, say, a carnival.

She agreed that he did NOT qualify for chemo today. His fever is STILL around 100, even now and after antibiotics, ruling out a bacterial infection (thank God, because the death rate is 20 to 50% for people in his category if they get blood bacteria), BUT he now has a fever of unknown origin. And feels like the dickens. So he got steroids and anti nausea IVs and TWO HOURS' worth of IV water, because his blood pressure is mysteriously low. He was pretty crabby about the water taking 2 hours. He said he could have drunk that same bag of water in 5 minutes and what the heck were they thinking taking 2 hours to give him water?!!!!

My feisty cowboy.

We will be notified of his Wake Forest date for a scan to see if chemo is working, but don't know when. He gets chemo next week for the last time till they scan him.

As for the Caregiver, she had her first Caregiver Mega Nuclear Meltdown on her birthday, Aug. 22. Bill had been so sick for 3 days, with that ever-creeping fever, and caregiver was going without sleep, then spent stressful day at clinic, unable to fix the fever, then that night the caregiver's mother called [....deleted by Beth.] This phone call caused caregiver to have a complete meltdown, and spend all of the next day and a half (caregiver's birthday) in bed, alternating between crying and sleeping the WHOLE DAY in a wild, unmanageable state of complete depression.

So if you sent that caregiver (me!) a birthday message or card, please know that I have waited until I have finally become myself again, to celebrate my birthday, and will soon read and reply to the wonderful messages and cards and even presents!!!!!

Well, that's about it. But I may post SHORT but frequent updates, like every few days, if the drama of the fever and other Cowboy problems don't resolve. Otherwise, I'll put up my almost-regular Sunday report of just general catch-up info.

Thank you thank you thank you for reading all this and caring, worrying, praying, loving, and/or thinking good thoughts for the cowboy. I'm making use of the leftover pieces of good wishes. :)

Love you all sooooooooooooo much!
Bethie the Whining Caregiver and Cowboy Billy the Brave Cancer Fighter

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