Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday Update: Bill is Pretty Darned Okay

Sorry I skipped posting for a while there. I started feeling like all I was doing was whining and upsetting everyone. Ooops! But you have to admit: I've been known to be a drama queen! :)

So just this quick note of update: Bill is doing fine. He had chemo on Friday, even tho he had a fever and some medical issues. We are now waiting for his nadir day to kick in, his lowest day. It should have started tonight, but it didn't, so either it will hit on Monday or Tuesday, or it won't hit at all. We don't know, but we're happy he is feeling decent. Not GOOD, but decent.

Next event: A CT scan at wake to see if this chemo is working, and if they should continue it or try something else or who knows what. No more chemo till he gets that scan. I'll report as soon as we hear a date for that!

Next time I go with Bill to Wake for a scan and any kind of "report" from a Dr., I have to have a special prescription for one whopper of a sedative. The last time I tried it on my own steam, and I almost went crazy with anxiety, feeling panic and tearfulness and terror all day. It was unprecedented. I used to be so brave. I had to call my brother in Morehead City to talk to me, until I could calm down while Bill was in for his CT. It has become almost unbearably upsetting to go there. It used to be interesting. Now it is terrifying. For me. Bill is calmer. Next time, I hope to be half asleep through the whole thing. I am not designed for drama, fear, and terror at THIS level!

Bill's symptoms now: Mainly fatigue, low grade fever, digestive troubles, shaking hands, numb feet, hair loss, and rapid weight loss. Even steroid appetite stimulants that make him eat almost every hour, and a LOT of food, and high calorie food, couldn't stop the weight loss. He lost almost 3 lbs last week, eating at least 8 to 10 meals a day! About 30 pounds in the last few months! But he isn't yellow or white or sick looking, too much. He is ready for his hair to come back, though, curly, thick, blonde and gorgeous. Can you see him with curly hair? It happens a LOT with chemo! His beard is gone, eyelashes, eyebrows, has a little bit of moustache left. Poor ole cowboy! He's still awful cute!

Thank you for caring, and I hope this lets you not worry about him for now. I will always post if a dramatic downturn occurs! But I should follow my Sunday rule and always write on Sundays, just so you know not to worry.

Love and hugs and thanksgiving for your thoughts, prayers, wishes, and good hopes for our boy!

Bethie and BillyBob the Cowboy

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