Thursday, September 13, 2012

MEH . . . .

(This preamble is by Beth. I am french fried, circuits blown, burned out, burned up, exhausted, and falling down on the job. But don't feel sorry for me; feel it for Bill. Bill is going through it too, and he's got cancer and chemo, in addition, on HIS shoulders! So tonight Bill wrote the blog for you. Here he is.)

Bill here.  Short entry tonight--Beth's  having a truly lousy reaction to yesterday's flu shot, and I devoutly believe in taking care of the caretaker.

Chemo today, preceded by a chat with Onco Bronco, who was actually very helpful.  The CT scan report is in from Wake, and all is okay, if not great:  the tumors (turns out there are two, not one) have *not* grown, so the chemo regime seems to be working.  For those of you keeping score, today's was the fifth round of twelve drips, dragging on into grey November.

Early tomorrow, I go to the hospital to have them fiddle with my "power port," the surgically-implanted device in my shoulder through which blood is drawn and chemicals are injected.  The problem is that stuff goes in, but blood doesn't come out predictably.  Have no idea how they fix that.

As Beth always says (and means), your prayers  are the bar which permit my occasional chin-ups.  Inexpressible thanks and heartfelt love for all you do for us.

Cowboy Bill (for Diamond L'il)

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