Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Sunday Update

I haven't posted because not much is new. We are on a repetitive pattern through mid-November of weekly chemo (carboplatin and taxol), and the occasional extra bag of water or magnesium. Bill's lows are much less low, the farther we get from the Doxyrubicin days. His hair is grown back in. It's suddenly very thick and very fine and platinum but with black hair mixed in. It's curly on the sides and straight in the back. Even his goatee is back, along with eyebrows and eyelashes. He's quite happy about this.

He's got small ongoing bodily weirdnesses evidencing themselves from time to time, but no one seems worried, so he just rolls along. His mornings are kind of horrible, but his afternoons and evenings are almost normal.

As for me, I went through some kind of neutron-bomb burnout for a few weeks, and now that it has passed, I see that it was a healthy and necessary development and that it brought me into balance. Before The Burnout, I think I cared too much about every little thing. After burnout, I care just the right amount, instead of too much, and now I can deal with it WITHOUT the obsession I had before. The result is a less fritzy caregiver who is less hysterical all the time, and who can now proceed calmly (MUCH more calmly than the first three years).

Farewell for a while. I'll write in a couple of weeks, unless something dramatic happens. Love and gratitude, from you know who!

PS For the praying folks among you, and the others, if you wanna give it a shot: please pray for our faithful friend T, a brilliant teacher and gifted, loving leader in Bill's church, and truly a saint, who is having rather monumental surgery on the 25th. And if you could, please pray for his wife, A, who has stood by us, as if we were her own blood kin, ministering to both Bill and to me with emails, letters, books, cards, pictures, home made custard, just love bombing us all these years of Bill's illness. Thank you soooooooo much. Bill says if you only have time for one prayer that day, make it for T and A--you can skip Bill. :)

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